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Black Summer Outdoor Airsoft Boots

  Black Summer Outdoor Airsoft Boots
Black Summer Outdoor Airsoft Boots

tactical Black Summer Outdoor Airsoft Boots 

We present to your attention, perhaps, the lightest variant of the 5235 boots with high ankle boots in our line. 

The upper of the shoe is made in a combination of natural chrome leather and a special breathable mesh, which is a bundle provides unrivaled comfort for the foot in the heat.

The 5235 outsoles is made of polyurethane for excellent cushioning and thermal insulation.

The method of fixing the sole is the straight flush, which is the most reliable way of fixing the sole to the workpiece in the world today! This model is ideal for hot dry weather.

!!! Made to order in Ukraine. Not a factory product and not intended for use in or combat operations.

We condemn and do not support the politics of RF.

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