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Alexander I silver medal "For the work and bravery in the capture of Ganji"

Description: In 1803 the commander of the Russian army in the Caucasus, Prince PD Tsitsianov led his forces to the north areas of the Arax river. Particularly strong resistance has Gandzhin Khanate. November 29, 1803 troops approached Ganja (in Soviet times the city wore name Kirovabad, in the present Azerbaijan - Ganja) and besieged it. The fortress was a formidable stronghold. It was enclosed by double walls, the height of four fathoms "- outside of mud and stone inside, with loopholes, and the six towers. Inside the fortress was impregnable citadel. The siege of the fortress delayed. Five times tried to convince the prince Tsitsianov Javad Khan to surrender the fortress without too much bloodshed, and without waiting for positive response, 3 January 1804 took it by storm. In April 1805 at the St. Petersburg Mint was minted silver medals in 3700 and sent to the commander in chief in the Caucasus Prince PD Tsitsianov. On the obverse side of the coin depicted a monogram of Emperor Alexander the First. On the reverse side was the inscription "For the work and bravery in the capture of Ganji, January 3, 1804" Prince PD Tsitsianov postponed awarding these medals and appealed to the Emperor Alexander the First with an application to change the inscription on the reverse of medals and portray it in this way: "For bravery in the capture of Ganji storm on Jan. 3, 1804" and serve its 1,560 soldiers actually took part in the storming of the fortress, and the remaining 2,140 medals will turn into an ingot of silver, sell it and the money spent on the construction of the bell tower in the city of Tbilisi. Made of silver, 14 gramms. Diameter 29mm.

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Alexander I silver medal "For the work and bravery in the capture of Ganji"

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